AMOS Professional Manual

Why this was created

This is the AMOS Professional manual that have been reworked for the modern web. It was first digitized by Asymetrix in 2008 and uploaded to Aminet and other places. However the HTML version was made for browsers current at that time and also closely followed how the paper book was laid out. This meant that navigating though the book was much like scanning to a chapter and then flipping pages.

Asymetrix did a great job getting the manual in the hands of people no longer able to purchase original which has gone out of print. We owe him a great thanks.

What has been done

What I have done is to rework the manual to be more web friendly. This means that the manual is now more like a website than a book. This makes it easier to navigate and read on modern devices. It also makes it easier to search for specific topics.

Who am I?

My name is Fredrik Rambris and got my copy of AMOS around 1991. Finally a BASIC for the Amiga that let the developer fully utilize all of the Amiga's powers. I have been programming since early childhood and in 1988 my brother brought an Amiga 500 home.

Although I switched over to C and later other languages the love for AMOS is still with me.

Where is it?

You can find this manual at the following locations:
Sources: GitHub